Butterfly Harmony Endeavors

Butterfly Harmony Endeavors

Inspired by the four-stage life cycle of butterflies, all of these initiatives are dedicated to helping every single member of the community reach their goal, in the hope that everyone who benefits carries it forward to help others.

A Coaching and Mentoring Session with the Pros:

Everyone deserves another chance. This programme is designed to support cancer survivors (and many others) who would like to start over their career / life, collaborating with professionals in public speaking, with personal stylists and in many more aspects to create unforgettable makeovers.

A Bag for the Needy:

A dedicated plastic bag will be placed in every room for guests who would like to donate unwanted but good condition items or unused hotel amenities to charity organisations that we support.

Supportive Collaboration Programmes for Young Creative Entrepreneurs:

Boo Hotels Etc will provide entrepreneurs who are typically drawn to work in Jakarta but can’t afford the cost of accommodation with a heavy discount on room rates.

As well as offering space to visiting entrepreneurs, Boo Hotels Etc. will provide a community hub for regular events, exhibitions and workshops. The ground floor shop is also an incubator project providing year-long, rent-free residencies for young creative entrepreneurs.